Visit us at MAPIC, 16-18 March, Cannes (France)

Visit city of Antwerp at level -1, booth Antwerp l Gent at P-1.C60

Blue O'pen wins the PPP procedure to develop Blue Gate Antwerp

Op 17 februari 2016 beslisteBlue Gate Antwerp om met Blue O'pen een publiek private samenwerking (PPS) overeenkomst aan te gaan voor de sanering en ontwikkeling van Blue Gate Antwerp.

Melee testing service now available for Antwerp diamond community

In November the International Institute of Diamond Grading and Research, part of the De Beers Group of Companies, launched its melee testing service for the Belgian based market.

Antwerp receives prestigious Startup Nations Award from Global Entrepreneurship

On november 21th, the 'Global Entrepreneurship Network' hands out the prestigious 'Local Policy Leadership Award from Startup Nations' to the city of Antwerp.

Blue Gate Antwerp industrial park opens its doors for water-dependent businesses

Synthetic rope manufacturer Bexco was the first business to move into the industrial park. Now, the newly constructed loading and unloading dock is operational as well.

The call for BlueHealth Antwerp is open

As from September 1st , the call is open for ehealth. BlueHealth Antwerp aims at supporting commercial development of an eHealth business idea, financially as well as content-wise.

BlueHealth Antwerp is a new incubator for innovative economy

E-health, digital applications in the health sector, is a booming business the world over. Antwerp now occupies an important position in this growth cluster.

Eurobest, the European festival for creativity, comes to Antwerp

In december 2015 the eyes of the international world of advertising will be pointed at Antwerp. The city welcomes Eurobest, the European festival for creativity and advertising. For three days and all over the city there will be seminars, workshops, keynotes and an award show. Advertising, marketing and media tycoons will experience the hotspot of creativity and innovative entrepreneurship Antwerp is.

From Antwerp to China in 20 days by train

Belgian fruits will be able to go directly to China by train. Rail Cargo Group garanties products will arrive within 20 days in Chengdu or Chongqing. Much faster than by boat and cheaper than by plane.

Open House at StartUpVillage

The city of Antwerp organizes an Open House at StartUpVillage on october 13th. Discover the newest location for startups and find out how the City can help you to start your own business in Antwerp.
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