Finding the right talent

Can’t seem to find the right employees for the vacancies you are trying to fill? The City of Antwerp can provide customised guidance in your search for the right candidates.

Customised guidance for filling vacancies

The City of Antwerp works closely with local educational institutes and organisations from the various labour sectors. We bring you in contact with our partners to help you broaden your recruitment channels.

We’ve helped companies such as LIDL, Forever 21 and Studio 100 fill difficult vacancies. We work with the VDAB to provide targeted screening of candidates, and if necessary, we organise induction training for your new employees.

Contact info

Desk: Francis Wellesplein 1 - 2018 Antwerpen
03 338 65 20
Port House: Zaha Hadidplein 1 - 2030 Antwerpen