Why invest in Antwerp?

Discover why Antwerp is the ideal city for your business.

Ideal city for businesses

An economic driving force

Antwerp is Flanders' largest city and economic driving force. Industry, with the Antwerp chemical cluster in the vanguard, is one of the city’s main economic pillars. At the same time, the city boasts a diverse and high-performing service industry. Antwerp offers enterprises an optimal business environment.

A unique location

Antwerp enjoys a strategic location in Europe, sitting at the crossroads of major traffic and trade routes. The port of Antwerp is the second largest in Europe and is a gateway to the most prosperous part of the continent. The city also has its own airport servicing inland and international destinations such as London and Amsterdam. Antwerp’s central train station now accommodates high-speed trains to and from various European destinations. Brussels airport, a global hub, is only half an hour away by car or train.

Creative and enterprising

Foreign investors flourish in Antwerp. In recent years, more than a quarter of foreign investment projects in Belgium have been based in this city. Antwerp’s openness to new ideas and concepts makes it an ideal breeding ground for start-ups and spin-offs, which receive the support they need from the city to grow into thriving businesses.

An innovative city

Antwerp is a pioneer in the New Industrial Policy of Flanders. The emphasis is on sustainable chemistry; innovative and smart logistics; and creative economies, among others. Antwerp Headquarters attracts head offices of logistics companies, shipping companies, (petro) chemical companies and major maritime service providers, such as lawyers, banks and insurers.

Suitable staff

The workforce in Antwerp is multilingual and highly skilled, and the presence of a university and several colleges makes it even easier to find suitable personnel for businesses.


Antwerp is a relatively low-cost city for enterprises. Compared to other European business locations, high quality office space is inexpensive. The high productivity of staff makes Antwerp even more attractive for businesses, and the daily cost of living in the city is relatively low.

Tax benefits

Investors in Antwerp enjoy tax benefits such as the notional interest deduction, which is unique in Europe. This allows businesses to deduct a notional interest from taxable profits for the equity they invest. Antwerp also benefits from a ruling system where companies can verify the tax treatment of their investments, and in that way acquire legal certainty.

An ideal city to live in

Vibrant nightlife

Antwerp is a vibrant city. It has an excellent and affordable restaurant culture, ranging from Michelin stars to cosy brasseries. But it is the city’s cafés and their welcoming terraces which have to be Antwerp's biggest asset. Traditional pubs, trendy bars, live music ... Antwerp has it all.

Shopping city

Antwerp is a shopping city par excellence. Obviously, the large chain stores are all present, but Antwerp also has a wide range of designer shops and numerous innovative store concepts. Antwerp fashion is famed as one of the most creative in the world. The city also boasts a world diamond centre.

Cultural wealth

Culturally, Antwerp has a great deal to offer. The city can look back on a fascinating and rich history, and numerous historic buildings bear witness to this. At the same time, Antwerp is a very modern city, with innovative architecture and cultural events ranging from local avant-garde theatre and visual arts to performances from top international names in music, dance and theatre.


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