Strategic retail policy

Shopping Den Tir, Hoboken - © Dries Luyten

Antwerp is an attractive shopping city with a wide range of retail offerings. And that’s how it should stay. This is why the City of Antwerp is adopting a strategic retail trade policy which seeks to maintain and improve the appeal of the existing retail areas.

A key role

Retail trade is, and will always be, an important element in a well-functioning city. Local shops provide quality of life, social contact and the necessary basic amenities. They help shape the heart of Antwerp's neighbourhoods and districts.

The right mix

The city supports a large variety of shops and shopping areas, where local shops, niche stores and large chains all have their place. The current range of outlets, which offers the right mix of chains and small, high-end shops, also attracts shoppers from outside of Antwerp.

Competitive and innovative

Retail in the City of Antwerp must be both competitive and innovative. New store formats and concepts keep the commercial centres dynamic. It’s important in this respect to define (potential) shopping areas, for example according to specialisation, clustering or theme. New commercial activities are very welcome if they complement the current range and add value.

Comprehensive and high-quality

With an extensive and high-quality range of commercial businesses, we can retain our reputation of being Flanders' largest shopping city for both residents and visitors to Antwerp.

In the right place

The City of Antwerp will continue to work on attracting unique, quality stores in the right place in the city and on improving entrepreneurship in retail.

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