Measuring Antwerp’s hospitality centres

In 2010, the City of Antwerp conducted a survey in 12 strategic hospitality centres.

Mapping evolutions

The survey covers questions such as “Which strategic hospitality centre is the largest?” or “Which type of hospitality establishment can be found there?”. This makes it possible to fine tune the hospitality policy to specific hospitality centres. Since the hospitality survey was conducted for the first time in 2010, it is a baseline. It will, like the survey of the Antwerp shopping streets, be conducted every three years, allowing the city to map evolutions in this sector.

Results per hospitality centre

In the survey of Antwerp hospitality centres (.pdf), you’ll find an inventory of these 12 districts.

District Antwerp - Postal code 2000

  1. Central Station
  2. Het Eilandje
  3. The Historical Centre
  4. Schipperskwartier (Shipping personnel district)
  5. University area
  6. Theatre district
  7. Zuid

District Antwerpen - Postcode 2018

  1. Zurenborg

District Antwerpen - Postcode 2050

  1. St Anneke

District Antwerpen - Postcode 2060 

  1. Lange Lobroek
  2. Sint-Jansplein (St John's Square) and surrounding area

District Deurne - Postcode 2100

  1. Sportpaleis

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