Become a market vendor at the Antwerp Christmas market edition 2022 - 2023

Every year, Winter in Antwerpen attracts many visitors from home and abroad. The Christmas market in Antwerp is the largest in Flanders and remains a valuable tradition. Visitors purchase their Christmas and end-of-year gifts here, and it is pleasant to stay and chat with a snack and a drink. In addition to the Christmas market, there are many other activities that ensure Winter in Antwerpen is an exciting winter experience.

Are you also interested in being part of this fantastic event? Then be sure to sign up as a market vendor at the Christmas Market. Below you will find all the necessary information.

General information

This year, Winter in Antwerpen will start on Friday 9 December 2022. During the opening, we will put on a wide range of additional fun activities and entertainment. Winter in Antwerpen concludes with the New Year's Drink on Sunday 8 January 2023. Please note: this year we are starting on a Friday!

Sunday - Monday - Tuesday - Wednesday - Thursday

12:00  to 22:00

Friday - Saturday

12:00 to 00:00

Friday 9 December (start)

16:00  to 00:00.

24 December, 31 December, 8 January

12:00  to 18:00

1 January

15:00 to 00:00.

In addition to the Christmas market, the Ferris wheel, ice skating rink and winter bars are also making their return. The traditional Christmas trees, nativity scene and richly decorated downtown area are also a must-see.

On Saturday 31 December 2022, we will bid farewell to 2022 with the end-of-year fireworks.

On Sunday 8 January 2023, we will ring in the New Year at the WIA site with the New Year's Drink.

New user regulations

The new user regulations at events organised by the City of Antwerp provide a comprehensive set of rules for the allocation, set-up and operation of pitches in the context of events organised by the City of Antwerp. The previous user regulations for the Christmas Market have been amended.

Please read the new user regulations carefully, as there are many changes. The main changes in the user regulations for the Christmas market are as follows:

  • definitions have been added;
  • the scope has been clarified with regard to the widespread uptake;
  • the structure of the user regulations has been modified;
  • outdated articles and links have been updated or removed;
  • the new legislation on reusable catering material has been incorporated; 
  • extension of the article on safety to include a technical tour in addition to a fire safety tour;
  • an evaluation system has been introduced;
  • an article "oversight and enforcement" has been added;
  • extensions are no longer possible;
  • private chalets are prohibited;
  • choice of location is determined according to the event.

Because the user regulations apply to different types of events organised by the city, clarification is given as to what the college can decide on in the context of the event:

  1. product categories (consumption and merchandise);
  2. the selection procedure per product category (e.g., consumption, with a jury rather than just bidding);
  3. possibility to create subcategories in both consumption and merchandise;
  4. deciding on accommodation (private pitches or pitches provided by the City of Antwerp, utilities, private terrace furniture or provided by the City of Antwerp, etc.).


Merchandise is gift items, fashion items or any other merchandise not intended for immediate consumption on site. If food and/or beverages are sold, they can only be sold in sealed containers.

For example: a handbag, socks, wooden toys, jewellery, a bottle of olive oil (sealed), etc.

The selection and allocation for the merchandise chalets will be done in the second phase, after the allocation of the consumption chalets.

In July, the college will decide on the specific modalities for the merchandise chalets:

  • subcategories of merchandise;
  • selection procedure;
  • award criteria;
  • allocation procedure;
  • fee for the pitch and guarantee;
  • etc.

The timings of registrations and invoicing have already been announced. That way, you can already take this into account if you are interested in operating a merchandise chalet.

Chalets for charities and for young entrepreneurs fall under the product category of merchandise, as they offer the same items (items for direct consumption are not allowed here). They will therefore fall under the same modalities as for merchandise. All merchandise subcategories will be announced in July.


We can already provide the timings for 2022 for you to take into account:

13-05-2022 until 13-06-2022

registrations of candidate market vendors for consumption


trial bidding for consumption


public bidding for consumption


allocation of market vendors for consumption


advance invoice for market vendors for consumption

25-07-2022 until 22-08-2022

registrations of candidate market vendors for merchandise


invoice for the balance for market vendors for consumption


concretising forms for consumption offering


allocation of market vendors for merchandise


invoice for market vendors for merchandise

In July, you will therefore find more information about renting a merchandise chalet.